3 Ideas to Quickly Spruce Up Your Garage Doors

3 Ideas to Quickly Spruce Up Your Garage Doors

Garage doors are the first things you see when you drive up to many homes. Are they giving the right impression?

Here are 3 projects you might not have thought of, that you can do easily in a weekend to really spruce up those doors. Let's maximize your curb appeal people!

1) Find a new paint color. Your garage doors can hold an exterior coat of paint, just like many other surfaces of your home exterior. And they are generally shielded from the environment since they are set back under your eaves. Over time, any surface in the elements will start to show signs of fading, and wear and tear. There are probably also a few scuffs, and scratches to be covered.

Find a good exterior home paint, with primer included. Make sure you are matching some color element surrounding your doors, such as brick, the garage door trim, or siding. Take off your door flashing if it's easy enough to remove - or, open your doors and paint only the outside borders when the doors are "up". Tape off any windows. Make sure to put on two coats minimum.

The best part is that you can change your look every few years if that color goes out of style, and it won't affect the performance of your door (not to mention it's cheaper than replacing the doors).

Pro tip: Many standard aluminum garage doors are a bright white color from the factory - consider finding a trending off-white color (Alabaster is popular) and paint your doors that color to soften their look. Just like you wouldn't paint your inside walls the same bright white color of your ceiling, you may not want your doors to be so "in your face" white.

2) Add garage door hardware. Yes, that's right, we are recommending hardware on our blog, no surprise. But, have you ever drove around your neighborhood and noticed how many homes have garage doors that just look so "blah"? It's like staring at a blank canvas, and imagining how we can bring a home up to it's full potential.

Yes, it's true that you don't need hardware, but you also don't need a green lawn, but we can agree it just looks better. It's like adding that finishing touch to show you appreciate that attention to detail.

Find a hardware style that suits the elements of your home. Maybe you like a simple design by just including handles, or pairs of handles to break up the continuity, or maybe you want brackets or hinges to really make a statement.

The point is that it's a simple project, with a big impact.

Pro tip: If you decide to paint your doors as mentioned before, find a color of hardware that complements your new color. You don't always have to match every outside accent piece such as the lighting, etc., you can instead match your hardware to a brick or stone color instead.

3) Add a new oversized garage door retainer. When your factory installed retainer (the seal that sit at the bottom of your door) starts to show wear and tear, find a new oversized seal. While it seems trivial (and less fun than painting), you will be impressed how fast it makes your doors look years newer- not to mention keeping your garage a more consistent temperature.

The new retainers include more rubber which really improves the seal, and some have a "lip" that adds a nice touch to the outside of your garage door. If you are considering reselling your home in the coming years, this improvement alone really talks to potential buyers, and home inspectors. You do have to match the design of the seal with the manufacturer of your door so it fits properly.

Garage Doors with Retainer

Pro tip: You can also add a bottom garage door threshold seal, that sits on the floor where the garage door meets the floor. This added "bump" keeps debris and water from seeping from the outside to the inside on your floors, and acts as a barrier.

The next time you are bored watching TV over a weekend, and want to get outside for a project, consider these three ideas to instantly transform your exterior. Best of luck!


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