'Top 10' Reasons People Add Garage Door Hardware

'Top 10' Reasons People Add Garage Door Hardware

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As we chat with customers, we routinely ask "What made you decide to add hardware?"

We complied the top 10 answers, for those curious minds.

1) Remodeling. Seems reasonable, that when you are investing in a new remodel job on the exterior, you want to add a finishing touch to all components of your home. Adding garage door hardware adds that extra touch.

2) We just purchased our home. Similar to remodeling, many owners want to leave their own stamp on a new home. They want to make it their own. Updating to their style is a great way to make that happen.

3) I didn't like my current hardware. This is common, since trends do change, and maybe the last owner didn't have the same ideas when designing their exterior.

4) We are selling. When you are selling your home, sometimes that is when you finally make those updates you've been thinking about for years! And curb appeal is obviously a big factor in whether your potential buyers will even walk into your home to consider for purchase.

5) My doors are a bit plain. Sometimes an exterior look can just feel a bit "off", but you can't put your finger on it. Or, sometimes you are stuck with less-than-attractive garage doors. Hardware adds a little something extra, without the added cost of new doors.

6) Needed something to match fixtures. If a homeowner is looking for a cohesive look, you might need hardware to match existing lighting, brick accents, paint color, or other decor pieces in your driveway.

7) My neighbor has it. You might see another house down the street adding new style hardware, and you liked it. Simple as that.

8) I wanted to create a better drive up experience. Everyone wants their friends and family to enjoy driving up to their home. Sometimes, the garage is the first thing people see. Why not make it look a little jazzed up.

9) My door installer recommended it. Most new garage door installers will also give you the option to add hardware, if you are upgrading your doors.

10) I'm constantly updating my home. It is some people's hobby (or job!) to update, remodel, or design new elements of a home. We all want to have the latest and greatest in home trends. After all, our property is one of our largest investments, why not keep it up.

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