Color Ideas

Find your perfect match.

Charcoal Gray

Slate Gray - Glamour Accents Garage Door Hardware
A very universal color, matches many of today's new color schemes, house siding colors, and fixtures. If your property skews to more grays, or "greiges", this will be perfect. Note, the color may be too light if you have only black fixtures and black accents- you would ideally have some grey color tones mixed in.

Gray lightingGray brick
Gray front home  Gray garage door
Gray house letters  Gray front door
Gray lantern

Bold Bronze

Bold Bronze - Glamour Accents Garage Door Hardware
A great choice when your home includes more browns, beiges, and earthy tones. Also complements nicely with grays and "greiges". This may be the most neutral color option. Pairs perfectly with bronze fixtures, wood (or faux wood) doors, and other accents in the brown family.

Bronze lightBrown and beige brick
Brown faux wood doorsBronze mailbox
Stucco home with brown garage door  Bronze house numbers
Brown doors on beige tones  Aged bronze lighting
Bronze fixtures on brick home

Modern Gold

Modern Gold - Glamour Accents Garage Door Hardware
When you look on popular home design and home improvement websites, you will see gold is making a serious comeback. Not only is it striking, it brings a wow-factor that many other colors can't match. It is the ultimate glamourous color. Pairs nicely with gold (aged or antique brass) or bronze accents and fixtures, darker colored wood or gray doors, and brick and stone that contains hints of grays or browns.

Antique brass lightingFieldstone rock
Gray garage doorAged brass light fixture
Modern home with gold accents   Dark door with aged brass accents
Gold house numbers