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Hardware store aisle- Glamour Accents

Why's it so hard to find good looking hardware?!?

The big box stores didn't have anything. I looked on Google and found options that belonged on an old cottage. This went on for a couple months.

Why are all the styles stuck back in the '80s?

So we made new stuff.

Starting in 2019 (here in South Dakota), I drafted several different designs on paper. Most I threw away. But there were a few that definitely looked more updated, contemporary, and eye-catching. Designs that matched today's home styles. I'm proud they have made thousands of other homeowners just as happy.

We hope our style brings you inspiration for your home projects.



Glamour Accents Garage Door Hardware, Owners

Good luck with your projects!
Justin Eidem, Owner
(enjoying some family time)

Cora Folding Boxes

 Who said kids can't be helpful??
No need to settle for common.

Glamour Accents Prototype
You can make your dreams happen!