• Want the easiest installation with magnets?

    Try our Metal Collections. The magnets will be installed in a matter of a few minutes.

    Metal Collections

  • Replacing existing hardware?

    Go with our Metal Collections. They are designed with dimensions to most easily replace old hardware and cover old screw holes.

    Metal Collections

  • Want an alternative to other brands on the market?

    Go with our ABS Polymer Plastic Collections. They're perfect as an alternative to the old colonial or "barn" style hardware on the market.

    ABS Plastic Collections

  • Need the most durable?

    Sometimes the best option is the one you don't have to think about down the road. Our Metal Collections are solid metal (powder coat painted) and it might be the last hardware you need to buy.

    Metal Collections

  • Want less expensive hardware?

    Take a look at our ABS Polymer Plastic Collections. They are a beautiful style, at a less expensive price point.

    ABS Plastic Collections

  • Want the most striking look?

    For a dramatic change to your home's look, consider our Allure Collection, with the lever-handle design.

    Allure Collection