Frequently asked questions

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Will the hardware fit my doors?

Here are some easy things to check:

- Test your doors with a common household magnet- if it sticks, then our hardware will hold with our magnets included.

- Measure for at least 1 5/8" of clearance between your door and the trim/weather strip at the handle locations (when opening). Most doors have plenty of clearance.

- If you are replacing existing hardware that was screwed or bolted on, do a quick measurement to see if our hardware will cover those holes.

What's your return policy?

We want you to love our hardware. We have a 90-day return policy. Returns and exchanges are free!

Visit the Returns page to see how it works. Problem solved.

Can I replace existing hardware?

Yes. If you have existing hardware that is screwed on, we got you covered. Let us know if you want detailed drawings of each model, by sending us an email or text.

How do I install the hardware?

You got this, it's easy.

- If you choose magnets (included), you will 'pop' them into the back of the hardware pieces. Takes a few minutes.

- If you choose screws, there are hole locations on each piece- use for wood doors, or replacing existing hardware with screws.

Most homeowners can install the hardware themselves.

What if I have order issues?

Don't sweat it! If something doesn't look right, just text or call (605) 610-9260, e-mail us, chat from our webpage, orcontact us here. Pretty easy.

Can I please go back outside now and enjoy the day?

Yes, please do, don't be late for supper.